Make a wish

Color? Special requests? ...Everything possible!

Often in life there are many things like off the rack, we find them basically beautiful, but... it would be great if the form was more like this... It would be much nicer if it was with my wish symbol. It would be cool....
Life is much more colourful and beautiful, the more diverse it is.
I'll make your very own pottery, if you wish. Here you get a small selection of customer wishes, which I have already fulfilled.
Of course I am also open to new ideas, as far as they are feasible.
Possible colours: (inside and outside can be different. Only the antique blue goes alone without combination with other colours)

Mögliche Farben: (innen und außen kann verschieden sein. Nur das Antikblau geht ausschließlich allein ohne Kombination mit anderen Farben)

Feel free to write me your wishes or call me:

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