Every morning at sunrise and every evening at sunset I sit in front of a very special fire, Agnihotra. Agnihotra is a fire ritual that is described in the Vedas, in Sanskrit. It is both a scientific and a spiritual process.
The Vedas contain the knowledge about the laws of creation that guarantee a life in harmony, prosperity and peace on earth. In these writings, there are 4 books, the healing power of Ayurveda is also described.

The effect

The special thing about the fire ritual "Agnihotra", is the effect. First of all, my very personal experience:
The first thing I feel is a deep calm inside me and I relax. I see the beautiful bright and warm light, I feel the warmth and somehow a kind of love. Everything is fine in this moment. A moment of perfect inner harmony, which also spreads to the neighbours :-), because the ritual has a range of 3km in diameter and 12km in height.

What I often feel is that the air is clearer afterwards, I am clearer. It is as if it heals me, as if it heals everything around me. The first times when I did Agnihotra I did not understand the mantra that is chanted, after all it is Sanskrit. Now this is not necessarily one of the languages that I know. Of course I have looked at the meaning roughly, but Sanskrit cannot be translated word by word, because the sound of the word is already the meaning. But at some point, when the ritual was a bit routine, I felt what it meant, even though it is difficult to reproduce.

The physical effects of Agnihotra have been proven by many experiments and I like what such a small fire can do.

"Heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere will heal you" it says.......

The high energies, as they are found in Agnihotra, have a regenerating influence on the spiritual, mental and solid areas. It also has a disinfectant effect, both antibacterial, antifungal and against viruses. It has been proved that it enriches the air with nourishing gases. Even radioactive gases have been neutralized. It is said that Agnihotra causes chemical reactions that are able to restructure atoms.

The fire does not filter, but it takes the negative things and transforms them into something good, life oriented.
Even with people who did not know Agnihotra and were present during a ritual, it has been proven that the energy of the people increased significantly and the radiation became more harmonious and even.

Furthermore, there are experiences with the ashes from the ritual, which have a strong healing effect, for example on open wounds. If the ashes are scattered into rivers, these can regenerate.

These mechanisms of action, both physical and spiritual-energetic, are stored in the ashes.

Therefore, it was a deep need for me to bring these ashes into my clay vessels, my life vessels. I wanted to bring this power of the ritual into the vessels / jewellery in such a way that everyone who uses them can feel and enjoy the effect.

The ashes are in the clay as well as in the ash glaze I developed. The glaze has been developed in such a way that the ashes can also appear as original as possible.

The implementation

For all those who want to know exactly what the Agnihotra ritual is about. I've tried to summarize it. For the effectiveness it is important to use all the "ingredients" as described.


Copper Pyramid
  • Dried cow dung
  • Ghee
Natural rice
  • Beeswax candle

It is important that the fire pot is made of copper, gold or ceramic and above all that it has exactly the same angles and dimensions as the pyramid of Giza. It should be a little higher than you are sitting but not! at the height of the heart.

Dried cow dung is placed in this pyramid. It must come from cows that are happy, i.e. that only eat grass and that above all still have their horns. The horns are important for the connection with the powers of heaven. When a cow ruminates, gases flow to the brain and the horns, where they are "charged" and radiated back again.

One piece is placed at the bottom of the pyramid and others are placed in such a way that there is at least one horizontal spot where the rice can be placed later.
This cow dung is spread with ghee (clarified butter) beforehand, which is of course also made of butter from happy cows. ☀️

Now natural rice (only the whole intact grains) is prepared in a ceramic or copper bowl, which is rubbed with ghee and later burned as a gift.
Each of these individual ingredients has healing effects in itself.

Cow dung has antibacterial and antifungal effects, even against radioactivity. In the past, cow dung was even burned in hospitals for disinfection. Cow dung also contains bacteria that lift the spirits. Ghee is already used in Ayurveda as a sattvic, i.e. body-building and life-energy promoting food. Rice is very important, if not the most important, for people's nutrition due to its ingredients. Rice is something very pure and alive.
Copper as a material is very conductive and can therefore conduct the energy produced perfectly. The shape of the pyramid leads to a turbulence within the pyramid towards the top, so that the ritual has a range of 3 km in diameter and 12 km upwards.

The ritual is performed exactly at the second of sunrise or sunset. This is always the zero time between day and night, time of rest and silence, in which a lot of subtle things happen. Magic 4 minutes.

About 3 minutes before sunrise or sunset a piece of cow dung with ghee is lit over a beeswax candle and then placed in the pyramid so that the other pieces can ignite. Exactly at sunrise or sunset a special mantra is chanted in Sanskrit, which starts the effect of the ritual and at the word "svãhã" of the mantra, the rice mixed with ghee is given to the flame as a gift. This is done twice per ritual. The ritual is considered to be performed as soon as at least 1 grain of rice is burnt after this procedure.
There is a separate mantra for sunrise and sunset. There is no literal translation, because Sanskrit cannot be translated in this way.

This was a long text, much too short for all details of the ritual. Feel free to contact me if you want to know more. Maybe you would like to perform the ritual yourself, which would make me very happy. My vision is to be able to have somebody at every junction of latitude and longitude to do Agnihotra. Then the energy of this ritual would envelop the whole Earth, releasing incredible energies. Do you want to participate? Write to me at ❤️

Your Anja

If you want to do it yourself or if you want to read everything in detail and very carefully, I recommend the book "Agnihotra Origin, Practice and Applications" by Horst and Birgitt Heigl. Or if you want to dive into the energy of Agnihotra, you can do it at the Homa-Hof in Heiligenberg.

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