The effect of the "Vessels of Life AgnihotraCeramics"

The effect of my Agnihotra ceramics was wonderfully pictured by the Hado Life Institute by Mr. Rasmus Gaup-Berghausen. In the crystal pictures you can see how in or very close to the ceramics, the water crystals change again to hexagonal structures. These structures are living intact structures.

This is the difference

Conventional tap water

living water in the vessels of life Agnihotra ceramics

One effect of my Agnihotra ceramics is that from "dead" water crystals without any structure, living water crystals in hexagonal structure form again. They then look like little snowflakes again.

It makes a huge difference for our well-being whether we eat living food or dead material.

Above all drinks and also the food consist to high portions of water. If you now realize that through ceramics these parts get living structures again, you will know how good it is for you when you use them. 

Besides, you yourself consist of 70-80% water. So if you have contact with my Agnihotra ceramics, it will do your body a lot of good.

By hanging an amulet made of Agnihotra ceramics, by using the tableware ceramics or by appropriate home accessories in the room, like candle holders, water vaporizers, incense burners etc....

What components create the effect of this ceramic?

• Agnihotra-Ash

In the Agnihotra ash incorporated in the clay and glaze are stored all the great effects of the Vedic fire ritual Agnihotra. I produce the ash for it myself with care, during my daily Agnihotra ritual. I obtain the cow dung necessary for it from a cattle grace farm where the cows have a very happy life.
I have described the ritual in more detail on my subpage "Agnihotra".
Agnihotra and with it also the ash work on a physical level antibacterial, antifungal, transform some pollutants into harmless ones, even works against radioactivity (and contrary to the claims of some people, no radioactivity arises during the firing of my Agnihotra ceramics, where from :-), I measure this myself regularly!)

The ritual and the ashes have a strong healing effect, act vibrationally increasing, relaxing, relaxes the heartbeat by meditative effects...

• My energy in pottery

What has a direct effect is that I myself only pottery when I am in good thoughts and I am mentally and spiritually well, to give the ceramics exclusively positive energies.
You know the experiments with cooked rice, where one jar is always praised and lovingly talked about, while the other jar is always insulted. The rice in the jar that was insulted spoiled and molded very quickly, while the rice from the jar that received a lot of love was good and edible for a very long time? It matters a lot with what energy things are made and treated.

This consistently positive energy in the production of my vessels is a big difference from industrial ceramics.

In the so-called industrial "China tableware", is rather destructive energies, due to the conditions of production, arrested in the ceramics. It is cheap, but at what price?
Choose wisely.
We all know the difference in restaurants...When cooked with love, you can taste it.

• Sacred geometry

The effect of the flower of life, which is almost always on the bottom of my ceramics and the other sacred geometry is proven by Masaru Emoto. You can find more about it here.
It also has a positive effect on the water crystals, just like the Agnihotra ash.

Sacred geometry is the geometry that makes up all life and the universe. When these elements are brought to the ceramics, the symbols go into direct resonance and thus have a positive effect on the water crystals.

Each symbol has of course its own power and effect and so it is very individual, which appeals to each individual. Therefore, you may always express wishes with me.

• Natural forms

Nature thinks of something, in what supple and harmonious forms it protects seeds or collects water.
We all know the feeling when our hands enclose a vessel and it feels very secure, somehow connected. This feeling comes when we feel connected to nature, being a part of it ourselves. That's why I use her forms.

Due to these elements, the ceramic has the following effects:

  • Hexagonal living water crystals.
  • Longer shelf life of foodstuffs in the ceramic (for bread approx. 1 week longer shelf life)
  • Relaxing effect on the own organism
  • Some customers report that the heartbeat is calmer, up to the
    disappearance of panic attacks when wearing my amulets made of Agnihotra ceramics

Feedback from customers: on the dishes...the water tastes softer, the food tastes better and tastier, it is a much better feeling when eating ...

for the amulets: the heartbeat is calmer and more relaxed, less to no more panic attacks, stress level clearly lower, more relaxed attitude towards life, calming down in stressful situations, more relaxed contact with fellow human beings

If you have any questions, feel free to write or call me.

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